The majority of pharmaceutical companies devote considerable time and resources to develop marketing plans for products to be launched within two to five years. However, many companies fail to include in their planning process a strategic plan for market access. It is important to understand that the market is constantly changing and that when a new product is launched, this market can be very different than it is now.

Our consultants

Our consultants have extensive experience in evaluation of changes in the market and in developing strategic plans for market access that will assist clients in developing strategies and pricing analysis. We can also help clients implement these plans into effect. Core Invest Consulting combines experience, expertise and knowledge of businesses and organizations related to health, enabling us to better understand the expectations of our clients and achieve desired results. To these asset’s ads a network of highly qualified partners enable us to adequately address all the needs of our customers.

Stable relationships

Personal trust and stable, long-term customer relationships are pivotal to our business concept. Whenever you work with Core Invest Consulting, you will be guaranteed the experience of professionalism and integrity which you can rightfully expect. Operating under strict confidentiality agreements, we routinely secure our customers' data on several physical and electronic levels that comply with the certified state of the art.

Core Invest Consulting

Core Invest Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in issues affecting health policy, government affairs and market access for industries in the health sector, both domestically and abroad. Our mission consists of bringing extensive experience to each particular issue and offering our clients strategic advice and practical solutions tailored to their needs.


We have been successful in providing a wealth of relevant information to pharmaceutical companies for a variety of purposes.
Early development
• Products registration (all stages in registration process)
• Early market review
• Competitor Analysis
• Environmental Review
• Clinical development planning
• Development and consolidation of the company projects

Late development
• NICE/reimbursement submissions: HTA, economic analysis
• Market reviews
• Consideration of in-licensing products